"A Spectrum Of Jewels"

This webpage Is a collection of information pertaining to Kaz Maslanka's art installation titled "A Spectrum of Jewels" which was on display at "The Lab Gallery" in New York city from March 3rd to March 27th 2010. The Show was curated by Robert C. Morgan


The following video was produced by the Lab Gallery NYC


Here is a video overview of the installation

Here are some tools to access the art work


Here is a playful fly-though view of a spectrum of Jewels.

Matt Semler introduces Kaz Maslanka at the banquet for "A Spectrum of Jewels" Roger Smith Hotel - New York city - March 3, 2010

Poet Philosopher Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino toasts Kaz Maslanka at the banquet for "A Spectrum of Jewels" Roger Smith Hotel - New York city - March 3, 2010

Kaz Maslanka speaks about "A Spectrum of Jewels" at the banquet for "A Spectrum of Jewels" Roger Smith Hotel - New York city - March 3, 2010

(part one)

(part two)


The show went up without a hitch and I am pleased with the responses. I am posting a few pictures of the show as well as the neighborhood. The first three pictures show the neighborhood. Here is a shot looking south on Lexington at 48th street with the gallery being where the green sign (Hotel Roger Smith) and the ground meet.

This second photo is a panoramic shot showing east on the left side of the photo and south on the right hand side of the photo. The gallery is in the lower left hand corner and you can see the installation through the window. The gallery is viewed from the street and due to its great location in the heart of Midtown Manhattan it will have many viewers. (The gallery says 2500 per day)

This shot is obviously during the day and looking north at the gallery.

This shot was taken at night looking east (and a tad north) from the sidewalk through the windows.

This shot was taken inside the gallery space looking east (and a tad north)- It shows the lower half of the piece.

Here is a shot of the upper part of the installation looking straight east.

Here is a shot from outside the gallery looking Northeast

Here is a link to the announcement from the gallery


Here is the press release from "The Lab Gallery" at the Roger Smith Hotel - 47th East and Lexington Ave. NYC

Click on the image to enlarge

The following text is my orignal announcement:

Roger Smith Lab Gallery Announcement
“A Spectrum Of Jewels” is the title for the new art installation by Kaz Maslanka that will be featured at the Roger Smith Labs located at 47th and Lexington in New York City. The Show, Curated by Robert C. Morgan, will run from March 5, 2010 to March 26th 2010 and will feature what Maslanka calls a ‘Dodecaorthogonal Space Poem’.  This type of ‘mathematical poem’ is constructed with twelve ‘orthogonal space poems’ arranged contiguously within a Cartesian coordinate system.  Orthogonal space poems are always in the form of ‘A’ equals ‘B’ multiplied by ‘C’. What is different in this new work is that one of the variables in each poem is a fabricated word whose meaning comes from the mathematical operation applied to the other two variables (words). The words were carefully chosen to point to a spectrum inspired by Zen teachings. Thus, the aesthetic value of the piece is derived from visualizing the meaning of all the concepts spread throughout the entire three dimensional space.

The following statements are to help navigate the installation:
The yellow ball is the point of origin for the entire system.
The green balls are points in space which represent the meaning of a concept which lies on one of the ‘word axes’.  A word axis is a one dimensional line drawn between two concepts in space.  In a three dimensional space you may have three ‘word axes’.  The three word axes in this installation are “Emptiness / Thinking”, “Existence / Non-existence” and “Monasticism / Urbanity” 
The red balls are points in space to delineate the coordinate pairs for which the orthogonal space poem starts.  The poem lies on the planer space that lies between the red ball, the two adjacent green balls and the yellow ball.
For a better understanding of visualizing these poems you may want to <Click Here> For “verbogeometry” and <Click Here> for “Orthogonal Space Poem”

The twelve orthogonal space poems are as follows:
Emptiness times Urbanity = Socrastival
times Monasticism = Apecksuval
times Existence = Doalldoxuval
times Nonexistence = Nonalldoxuval
times Urbanity = Selcrasaval
times Monasticism = Taoodoxuval
times Existence = Wastconditival
times Nonexistence = Dreemholeval
times Urbanity = Natucrasaval
times Monasticism = Onkeval
times Urbanity = Boidasval
times Monasticism = Onkeval

The images below show the main structure taken from the 'computer aided mockup' used in the initial design of this installation.


Here is a view of the gallery from the street looking north

Looking North

Here is a view looking east
From the outside

Looking east from the outside

Looking east from the inside the gallery space

Looking east from inside the gallery

Looking west

Looking west

Looking west without the gallery (Just the installation shown)

Looking northwest (gallery not shown)

Isometric View showing the installation only

Iso view

Below is an image showing the signs pointing to the axes and orthogonal space poems.