It's 2:36 am January 24, 1999, Van Goh's Ear Venice Beach California
Yes, a celebration of Stupidity … wow … this story starts 15 years ago; Dawayne Bailey quit Bob Seger's Silver Bullet band and moves from LA back home to Wichita. He steals 3 of Wichita's best musicians out of other bands and creates 'Private Parts' one killer rock band. He writes a song called "give me everything" his lyric talks about a fictitious girl named Angelyne a silicon queen. What I didn't realize until right now is that this Angelyne is a real person and has been around since the 1980's doing her schtick here in LA. She evidently married a millionaire who has financed posting her Picture on billboards all over Hollywood for many years. Also she always seems to be driving a new vette -- pink with her name on the plate. I have a picture of her latest (God knows why)
Tonight Angelyne had an art opening at Artluxe gallery at Melrose and Labrea. I am on the mailing list for the gallery and received an invitation. Roughly 500 people attended the show. This was not like any opening that I had seen; there were actually a number of fights that broke out. My friend Mark dropped by later and said the place looked like a bomb had exploded. --These paintings were nude self-portraits. They looked as though a 10 year old mind was trying to emulate an adult idea of "sexy" and contracted a six 6 year old to execute the work. (I have pictures email me if you are curious)
It really wasn't easy to get a picture of her she keep me at bay and I had to sneak up on her and after I snapped the picture she scolded me and told me to get lost. It's hard to tell her age some say she is over sixty years old she looked like a hard 40 to me. She obviously has had numerous surgical operations (notice she is wearing gloves … the hands give it away)
I could go for hours about the sociological meaning of such an event but then again so could you. Suffice it to say there are a million better ways to glorify feminine beauty.

Dada please come back and save us again!
The Kount

The art of Kaz Maslanka