well, the last couple of weeks i have been attending art openings in hooly wud ... one at artluxe on melrose ave and the other the 825 gallery on la cienega blvd.
the first thing i noticed was the fact i had seen these people before in wichita...it looked like the crowd at big sky heights ...different people but the same none the less ... the art work was no better either (in my humble opinion)
when i walked into the artluxe i overheard one young lady say, "i like the work but he has to be gay!" the guy she was talking to was busy fiddling with a digital video camera and said, "no i don't think he is." ...having no reference i just stored the comment and went on about my business ... i chatted for about 30 minutes with a few folks and later noticed people going up some stairs that must lead to a balcony or something .... it turned out to be just that, a balcony which also was the gallery office ... when i got up there, i saw a table full of cooking utensils all finely crafted out of exotic woods, very beautifully done but the odd thing was the fact that all the handles were carved in the shape of a penis.
the artist introduced himself (mark templin) and began to give me the snappy tittles for each of the pieces ... spud basher and spud basher pro etc...(download picture) ... he was very friendly and told me about a party after the show ... so i went ... it was a birthday party for some young female exec. i took some pictures, chatted and had a great time.

till next time
the kount