Its 2:47 am Jan 23, 1999 van gohs ear Venice beach ca.
I received an Invitation from my new Artist friend Mark to see a show (Blue Girl) in which he is performing (Thanks Mark). So I went down to West Hollywood tonight and watched the performance at the met theater. The show seemed to be a fusion of pagan dancing and tribal / techno music with lots of effects. There was a large video projector with computer-generated graphics, and topless women with painted bodies twirling fire batons. African drums accompanied a techno rock band onstage. The show came complete with a juggler and a seminude trapeze artist, which came flying out of the ceiling… Basically mindless … but no more mindless than "A Chorus Line" or "Oklahoma" and a lot more fun. (At least for Epicureans.) I know yall are sayin where's the picture (well maybe not all of ya).... Well, I couldn't take a camera in. so the consolation prize is the cultural Los Angeles icon ... Pinks hot dog stand … this year celebrating 59 years of existence.