Would you buy a used car from this man?

It's 12:30 am Jan 26 1999 Insomniac coffee shop West Hollywood California

Just a note: the left picture was taken at the Angelyne show. This man's name is Ray Engle. Ray came up to me wanting to sell me his services; invitations to all the hip LA parties, just sixty bucks for 3 months. (Right bottom picture) I asked, "What kind of parties?" He said, "Parties with free food and drinks with movie stars, just like this one!"… I thought, Free food and drinks would draw more street people than movie stars. I've met enough stars; they aren't real … just fabrications of the machine. But if you want to meet some, talk to Ray.
While I was admiring the zoo I was approached by a man who asked me if I was in the movie industry I said no I am a conceptual artist. He said he was an actor and asked if I wanted to meet an up and coming movie star. (He pointed across the room) I said no. He said it was cool, and handed me his business card. The top right picture is his card. --- Mr. Tennessee Winston Luke Actor Extraordinaire. Just look at this pro business card 2/3 scale and printed on regular typing paper. (Very original I can't say I've seen a business card like that before) I'm sure he will do well

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