Just tap those slippers 3 times

It's 8:32 AM April 27, 1999 Javaluiah coffee shop Wichita Kansas

Well I am back in Kansas. The trip back was a long drive back … 14 hours to Albuquerque and another 12 to Wichita. I had acquired entirely too much stuff while in California. I had my car packed so full the tires were rubbing. So in Albuquerque I had to give away a nice table and bookshelf.
The picture I sent is of the New Mexico sky … I have to admit New Mexico may rival Kansas when it comes to beautiful skies … I love big skies.
When entering Texas I saw a 60 foot crucifix looming off to the right side of the highway I gave me a knot in my stomach at the same time the comfortable feeling of being home. I saw another one north of Oklahoma City. It was just as tall but bit thinner.
I pulled in outside of Okcity for some gas and noticed a couple of guys getting some snacks. They were a typical two out of the jillions of cowboy clad truck drivers who live in these here parts. They reminded me of that late October evening when I was working in Philadelphia and pulled up to a Wawa (East Coast 7 /11) to get a sandwich. There were a few people standing out front of the store chatting. One of the guys was dressed in full cowboy gear. He had noticed and pointed out to his friends the Texas license plate on the front of my car. Figuring that he must be from Texas I Hopped out of the car, put on my Oklahoma/Texas accent and said, "Howdy y'all from baack home" … The look on his face was one of surprise and admonishment. He glanced back at his friends then slowly turned to me and said this is my fockin Halloween costume.

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