The Novel

It's 3:12 am Friday, April 3, 1999 - The Novel, Santa Monica California

I've found another coffee shop. It's called The Novel between main and 2nd street on pier Ave. Right next to Julie Rico Gallery. It has a blend of interesting people, typical of coffee shops and it's a good place to ponder ones thoughts. Nice people with a bohemian vibe. Plus it is the home for the Los Angeles Free Press.
My last message I sent out was a bit caustic and certain voices in my psyche have questioned why? … I have been going to art openings every week since I have been here and I feel disappointed overall and it may not be as much the fault of the arts as it is my expectation of LA. If you are an artist growing up in the plain states and you have any amount of insecurity, Hollywood and the media will convince you that there exist only 2 places in the United States for art, New York and Los Angeles.
After spending time in New York I experienced a strong vibe that convinced me that most people are skeptical of pretensions even though the art world cultivates much deception. And the media image of extreme energy was not overstated … in the most part NY did not disappoint me … maybe I would rather be emerged in acid than ectoplasm.
Demons and deities come in pairs: The Hollywood film and TV industry is all about illusion (it needs to be that way to make itself seem real) but it also seems to permeate the entire culture in LA. There is a vibe that gives credibility to lying; Thus the demon.
The one great thing about LA is that there is a sense of freedom here like no other place to which I've been. Much more so than NY but the only reason people don't fear this wild freedom is that the people here realize that nothing is real. (The angel) This hoax-like attitude removes almost all of the threat out of the weirdest of things. (Kind of nice) So you have to accept the demon to get the angel. Now where things break down ... there is a very powerful sect here that forget that the illusion is an illusion … they make millions to billions of dollars and that kind of monetary power transforms the real illusion into the illusion of reality. Thus feeding clown karma to the masses.

The Kount

Picture: a group of friends at the novel