It's 6:01 AM February 12, 1999 Abbots Habit was closed due to shooting a movie there, so I ran down the street to Starbucks in Santa Monica

Well, my time in California has come to an end. My work has been finished and I am heading back to Kansas monday or tuesday to regroup and look for another assignment. It's been fun and I've met some wonderful people. I will miss them even though I haven't known them long.
Yesterday, I went to Arcane Bookstore in Santa Monica. As far as Art goes It's the best bookstore I've ever seen. I bought a book on Hans Bellmer and one on Arnold Newman. I met Newman at one of his openings when I was 20 years old. I love his work.
As I leave I will send you one more picture. This one is of the Santa Monica pier at sunset. The Santa Monica pier is basically an amusement park sitting in the ocean

Until next time,

The Kount