It's 2:14 AM Sunday May 30, 1999 Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Well the Kount is heading toward England for a new adventure (I hope) I am flying out
today... unfortunately my computer went on the blink 3 days before I was to leave ... so
much for communication. I will email you when I get set up. (I am on my Mothers
This may be easy for most of you but frankly I am a bit nervous running around to the
other side of the planet. I will be stressed for a few weeks I am sure ... but what the heck.

The picture I sent is one showing the back of the house where I grew up. West Tulsa
Oklahoma is one of the buckles in the bible belt and many folks in the neighborhood
sport putting 3' x 3' signs in their front yard booming their favorite bible verses. This
picture is shot from one mans front yard toward my old backyard. It reads, "The word of
the Lord is tried"

This is a good place to fear God, Satan and rednecks: The Triune Okie

Well lets hear it for guns and Jesus,

The Kount