Venice Beach Boardwalk

It's 6:14 am February 10, 1999 Abbot's Habit (coffee shop) Venice Beach California
This coffee shop gets used in many movies out here. It is one the props I guess. I am sitting at a table where much of Umma Thurman's movie, The trouble with cats and dogs, was shot.
I went to the Venice Beach Boardwalk last Sunday to watch the zoo. It's a concrete street running parallel to the ocean that is not used anymore except for foot travel. On the East Side it is mostly an outdoor tourist mall, with shops to sell T shirts, sunglasses, tattoos, jewelry and food. On the West Side we have the beach but people set up in unmarked spaces along the sidewalk to sell incense, digerydoos, artwork, and even philosophy. I saw a Texas bible thumper roping a trash can between talking to the sinners … I talked with him some, he was really pretty nice. A lot nicer than the fundamental new agers who had their own strange agenda. The oddest person I saw was an acid rock guitar player on roller blades. He had a small amp strapped on his belt and looked like Hendrix with a large white turbine on his head.
The picture I sent you is some German tourist who was walking around mumbling where's the @#$#@!! Beach.

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