Right now its 12:05 am Venice Beach, CA ... I am sitting in Van Goh's Ear (coffee shop/cafe (open 24hrs)) ... there is Mexican food in the air as well as faint music coming from the kitchen (Moody Blues: "Story in your eyes") ... a black man with a big smile politely walks up to a Mexican couple at the next table and hands the pretty lady a flower and humbly asked for some money, the lady gives him a dollar before her man can get to his wallet … The flower pusher grabs the money and mumbles, "I won't bother him he's busy ", as he walks by me typing on my computer. ------
Earlier, I was hanging out at the Santa Monica promenade Christmas shopping ... I got hungry for Hindu food so I set out in search of vindaloo. I consulted the oracle in my computer and it said the nearest joint was, "Dhabi cuisine of India 0.62 miles away". I pulled up to the front of the building noticed the parking meter was expired and thought to my self ... self, its too late for them to snag me, right? ... wrong $28 .... I've paid more in parking tickets in the last month than all previous parking tickets in my life combined. if you are in LA watch where you park. It's surreal!
Well, anyway ... while in the restaurant there was a party going on for some guy named Wally ... which one is he? ... I noticed they didn't have a camera and I did, so I snapped this one and emailed it to him ... it made them happy and gave them and me something to talk about.