Its 7:53 Tuesday February 16, 1999 my apartment on the end of LAX runway 10

While packing my stuff I get a last minute call from guy at STADCO (Standard Tool and Die Company here in LA) calls me and says come in Tuesday for an interview … well today I went in and they put me to work. So the count will extend his stay here in sunny California … although this is the rainy season. If the Guy had called a day later he would have missed me. I am lucky. There is not that much work for aerospace engineering geek types right now … 6 months from now the work will probably be happening again.

Oh well ... It became very clear the other day and this mountain showed up on the SE horizon (wonder how far away it is) … Heck I swear I never saw that thing before and I have been here almost 4 months … oh well here is the proof. (see picture)

The kount