Futility of Choice

Powerful passion? -Or-- Hideous addiction
Grandeur of Delusions
are those fragile snail's shells
covering the vast majority of creative work.
Waiting on history to fling its pointed judgments…
…Will the golden spiral be shot peened into Armor
Or cracked open
Exposing lifetimes of work to rot in the heat

Minions of the Muses clamoring into a queue ... waiting
To copulate with the Eminences
They create cannibals to complete the oroborus
Feeding on themselves

For the Artist:
It's an irrational dance
A debilitating neurotic cross to bear
Yet it's the Excalibur

that shreds the binds

of Spiritual fatigue to social change
Always in jeopardy

of dark illumination

from the logical utilitarian demons
Of status quo

But for humanity:
…A lucky gift
From those ever-gracious Gods

January 16, 2002