It's Tuesday, October 05, 1999 11:08 AM Loch Ness, Scotland
The Kount at Inverness

I am sitting on the eastern bank of the Loch looking about a half mile across at the ruins of Urquhart Castle. The scene is majestic with evergreen mountains ducking under the smoky white clouds that are rolling over the peaks and patches of sunshine poking holes through to illuminate yellow spots on the mountainsides. Water is lapping against the banks while birds chirp all around me as if they were jungle drums sending messages to each other. There is a 19th century sailing ship moving across the water slowly with only a few sails unfurled.
I have spent the last two days in Inverness looking for an understanding of the highlander charisma. I have enjoyed rummaging through Celtic music stores, made a trip the Culloden battlefield to see Bonnie Prince Charlie's last stand and chatted with Scots in the Pubs. But as it is anywhere, it takes much time to really get a feel for a place. Maybe I will be able to make it back.

I have always wondered what it is like on top of Scotland. My only disappointment was not being able to pet the Loch Ness Monster.


The Kount

The picture sent is the Inverness skyline over the Ness river

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