The Kount ate a Butty is now nackered and needs a kip and will get one when he gets back to his digs.


Well I have been learning a lot of English since I have been here. Of course most people know that Americans and the English have many different words most of it slang. There are numerous dictionaries and books depicting the differences in the use of our common language so I wont get into translating different words. But … I do want to touch on one word that really caught me by surprise. That word is "sort".
The English use this word in many contexts. Americans use the word only one way…To clarify the arrangement of something.

England's usage:
To express a task--------------------- The message is ready for you to type, would you please sort it.
I can't do it now; I will sort it later for you.
In place of the word "figure"------- Everyone sorts that out at an early age.
To intimidate ------------------------ You will be sorted!
In place of the word "Eureka!" --- Sorted!
In place of the word "Finished" -- Sorted!


The picture I sent is one that it seems every northern English person can recognize … Blackpool.
Blackpool is a city on the West Coast of England and has a reputation as a resort town with a wild nightlife. It has been said that if the sun would shine in Blackpool there would be no reason to take vacations in Florida. … That reminds me … There have been innumerable people telling me that when visiting America they only go to Florida. I am starting to believe there are more English in Florida than Americans. So I make a motion to rename the state to Floridashire.


Do I hear a second?
The Kount


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