The Kount in Wales
When I lived in the Philadelphia area I noticed some towns in the metro area which had very strange names. Bryn Mawr, Bellmawr, Bryn Athyn and others seem to be more like typing errors than town names. I always wondered what language they could be. Now I know … they are Welsh names.
I always thought that Wales was part of England, In fact I have read books, which said Wales was incorporated into England in 1284. But The Welsh (at least northern) seem to have their own identity as well as language. And I am surprised to find there are still a few who feel tension between these parts of Britain. I am sure this is due in part to my ignorance of British history.
The Welsh landscape is quite beautiful and majestic much like that of an Ansel Adams photograph. The medieval flavor is abundant due to the many castles built by the English to impose authority over the Welsh. One can just imagine the knights on their horses roaming the countryside. Hundreds of years of history seem still accessible. If you get a chance it is definitely worth the trip.


The picture I sent is near Betws-y-coed a beautiful Victorian town.

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