The Kount is saying these new town blues are melting away


It's Tuesday August 24, 1999 9:29 PM … Q Inn … Stalybridge, Cheshire England

I went to York this last Sunday … It was a beautiful sunny day perfect for an outing … The first thing I noticed when approaching Selby (a town near York) was the landscape reminded me of Kansas … very flat farmland with shelter belts and Big Blue Skies. The Cloud formations afforded a great perspective of white cotton ships floating away toward the horizon.
When we arrived at York I first noticed the medieval wall that surrounds the old city … It didn't look that old. It's made of manganese limestone that cleans itself in the rain. It was still very impressive and the bars "barriers" to the city were large ominous fortress-like gates that were the entrances to the old city. The picture I sent is the Mickle bar. I had to continually remind myself this is real and not a Hollywood façade. It was too real too perfect. The confusion is what made it even that much more impressive.
I also went to the York Minster. The Largest Cathedral in England … I was Huge Like St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York with the Huge Exception that York Minster was built 500 years Earlier. It's the real thing! St Patrick's on the other hand is a stylistic copy of this magnificent feat. It makes me want to see Chartes all that much more. It's mind blowing to think that mortals built this massive geometric poem. Only a hard frightened atheist would deny the Spirit of the universe singing in that space.

A 14th century wonder!

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