The Kount's chicken … August 15, 1999 11:54 PM Me digs, Stalybridge, Cheshire

I went to visit the Rusholme area. It is a district that is home of numerous Pakistani restaurants, bakeries, jewelry and clothing stores. Nestled in among them I ran across an "American style" restaurant named "Kansas fried chicken". This reminds me of the exotic English muffin that we have in the states. And the fact that it doesn't exist in England except at McDonalds. What do you think about having an Iranian hamburger ... hmm lets say "McSoltani".
Speaking of "American style" restaurants, there is a tendency here in England to market American food in this same Exotic Charade. I went to a Fatty Arbuckles American style restaurant ... it was basically Denny's with American and confederate flags displayed all over the place. I was waiting for David Duke or some other grand wizard to wait on our table. So you yanks know how palatable Denny's is. You may be able to get a better meal at acme box company.
We Yanks all know the only reason for fast food restaurants is just that … fast food of dubious nutrition to be slammed down so you can get back to work. Our whole concept of dinning is different. I remember a Polish friend of mine complaining about the restaurants in America. It was driving him nuts! "They rush you in and rush you out even in the most expensive bistros. You take your last bite of salad and there is some idiot immediately waiting behind you to snatch your empty dish." Europeans call this an interference with their dinning. Their philosophy is to make an "evening" out of dinning … one comes into the restaurant expecting to have the table all night. ." On the other hand Americans call this good service. Their philosophy is to have a wonderful meal, get in get out and still have time for a movie and dancing. Different strokes for different folks … I personally have a tough time with it … I have to admit I am a bit American on this issue.



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