The Kount asks, "What do India and Mexico have in common?"

When I first moved here I noticed a Television add that was advertising Indian food at some Indian restaurant named Mc Donald's. … Ironic that it would have the same name as Mickey D's. … I noticed it quite a few times before someone mentioned that the commercial was mimicking a particular popular Indian restaurant here and it was indeed a commercial for The Mc Donald's restaurant that we all know. When I walked into a Mc Donald's restaurant and saw the actual Indian menu on the Marquee, I almost fell over laughing … how surreal! Indian food at Mc Donald's! (See picture) But after thinking about this for a while it is no more surreal than Mexican Fajita's at Mc Donald's which we have in the states.
I went to watch a friend dance in a posh international dance show in San Diego. There were many different dance organizations performing dances from all over the world. The 99% white upper class/educated crowd was very responsive to all the dance routines but very responsive to the Celtic dances from which many of their family heritage comes. But what totally knocked me off-guard was when the Mexican dancers came out on stage … The energy level rose so high that I had goose-bumps on my arms. It was evident these people were excited about their own music! …what… yes these white people forgot they were white. They have adopted part of the Mexican culture as their own. All of the Southwestern States from Oklahoma to California have a tendency to think this way. The English have done the same with Indian food. They have adopted this as their own cuisine. I have heard more than one Englishman say he can't live without his Bhuna.

I want my Bhuna too,

The Kount
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