It's 12:01 AM Monday August 30, 1999 Straubing Bavaria Germany

Well I am in the heart of Bavaria to visit my Brother in Law's family and friends and also to see Bavaria. Yesterday I went to Munchen (Munich) to see a cosmopolitan city with a Bavarian Flavor. The city is very old but it's hard to tell by just looking at the city. The buildings are 1000 years old but kept in such condition that you may think they are only 100 years old. Straubing is no exception. I amaze myself at how ignorant I am about Europe. I thought the buildings would look more like the buildings in England. The Architecture here reminds me of what I thought Russia would be like. (Bubblesque tops spinning into the sky … I will send you a picture). I went into some of the churches … history books just don't get the message across … one can really feel the zillions of man-hours poured into the making of these churches.
I just returned from being at a Birthday party/dinner at my Brother in law's cousin the food was fantastic … traditional Bavarian Spanferkel mit Knoedel und Sauerkraut what an extremely lively and fun atmosphere … a big warm family. I was surprised at how well everyone communicated. I didn't know any German but much of the point got across anyway. We all acted like we knew what each other was talking about and spoke our mind. There were a few folks who would translate but most only spoke one language.
The picture I sent is of the Birthday Girl offering a gracious toast to all. Cheers!

The Kount

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