The Kount learns about proper rain

It's 12:21 AM August 9, 1999 Dukinfield Cheshire, England

The picture I am sending is of a church in Dukinfield (a suburb of Manchester) you can certainly tell it rains a lot here by the green moss growing on the north side of this church. I ran across this church one morning while jogging … I happened to be lost and had to ask the milkman for directions back to me digs. (my hotel)… … Yes, I said milkman, a tradition that hasn't died here.
I'll tell you … its only rained once in Manchester … It just hasn't stopped yet. Although I will have to admit the weather has been pretty good lately. I did happen to walk into a pub in downtown Manchester only to get starred at like I just walked out of a zoo. I happened to be carrying an umbrella (John Steed style) when I walked into this pub, and with everyone starring I just had to ask why. The people slowly looked at each other and with a half smirk half giggle said, "Oh, We could tell you were American." I said oh yeah, how? They laughed and said, "Its not raining" … obviously I thought it was raining; but here in Manchester, it has to be coming down in buckets to be considered proper rain. Then one person mentioned my umbrella was the Manchester school colors, so I started to open it up to display the colors better … hell, you would have thought I set fire to the place! Everyone started screaming don't open the umbrella! … I have now been educated to the fact it is bad luck to open an umbrella indoors.
Speaking of knowing the rain; I was in downtown Ashton Under-Lyne one rainy Sunday to find middle aged folks in Texas costume line dancing to a plastic wrapped PA, blasting Achey Breaky heart while it spit down rain. These folks do everything in the rain. You would think these people would be used to the rain and not pay it any mind … not so, they will be the first to tell you they hate it.

Well the sun is shining so I better get out and enjoy it while I can
The Kount

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