The Kount is back in the saddle

Its' Sunday July 25, 1999 Me digs, Stalybridge Cheshire England

I am back in the saddle. I have been without my computer for 2 months now and it so good to have it back. Thanks to the good people at d3 international Its been fixed and I have it back in my hands.
I just got back from a weekend in Dublin Hangin out at the Guinness Blues Festival.
Dublin is a very cosmopolitan city. Lots of non-English language spoke on the street. The vibe is not as intense as New York but the people are not as aloof either. Dublin seems more cosmopolitan than Manchester as well. But Manchester feels English where the parts of Dublin I visited had too many tourists to get a feel for the Irish. It seems all cosmopolitan cities are the same they just have a different theme … Dublin's theme was Irish.
Here is a picture of the half-penny bridge (pronounced Haypni Bridge)
The Kount

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