Epistle to Richie

I just met a man who knew Jesus
I mean he really did
they worked together at the shipyard
sharing 3:00 A.M. walks
when others were dreaming money
they would rendezvous
as armor plated doves
under the frigid
early morning stars
Their visible breath
bartered courage for gratitude
Their tears
turned to snowflakes
to melt on our hearts
when they finished at the yard
they would volunteer to help Ronnie McDonald
run the cancer ferry
They took turns navigating
the lone nights
returning the children
across the fog bound bay
tenacious bravura of generosity
would fuel the fires on board
comforting the weary
moon eyed spiritual savants
who reeducated
all who knew them.
The captains never saw
the fog shrouded shore
they delivered the souls to a golden pier
a luminous pigeon made of pillows
whistled the song that comforts
the six directions

… take me home




Kaz Maslanka