Tool Engineering Resume

Tool Engineering Resume
S. "Kaz" Kazmier Maslanka
San Diego CA
Phone (316)-210-8600

BFA Wichita State University --- Graduated 1980
CATIA V4 (15000+ hrs.)       24 years of tool design experience      Tooling for composites
CATIA V5 (5000+ hrs.)         Senior Lead Tool designer                  Design/checker
CADAM (3500+ hrs.)            Solidworks (1000+hrs.)                      Tool Design Instructor Design Offload coordinator      Parametric design lead

On contract to D3 Technologies in San Diego CA from 08-27-08 to the present; Lead tool design Engineer responsible for Boeing composite 747-8 Rudder bond tools for Vought Milledgeville as well as Boeing 747-8 Forward Leading Edge Wing bond and assembly jig tools through Spirit Tulsa; 777 Freighter misc tools, Gulfstream G250 Wing tools and G650 Fuselage tools for LMI parent company. Manager contact information: D3 Manager - Ed Johnson 1-858-571-1685  Vought Manager Bill Lanzilotta 1-478-454-4227 Spirit Tulsa Manager J.R. Ornelas 1-918-832-3452

On contract to Goodrich Aerostructures in San Diego CA 09-07-04 to 08-24-07; Senior tool designer Version 5 CATIA , projects include . Assembly Jigs and router tools for Lockheed C5; Metal bond layup tools Hot size Bond Mandrels Weld fixtures Machine tools  for Boeing 787 exhaust MGR Reference Dan Atwell

On contract to Boeing Helicopters in Philadelphia PA 08-12-02 to 03-05-04; Senior CATIA tool designer, projects include . Bond Assembly Jigs for composite parts on the Comanche program. Facility Guage Design and Checker. MGR Reference Peter Curtis

On contract to representing IEM at Tinker Air Force Base Oklahoma City, OK 11-22-2001 07-26-02 ;projects include Solidworks Tool Design of Fixtures for repair of Air force engines. Balance tools, Check gauges, Heat treat fixtures, Plasma spray and machine fixtures. MGR Reference Walt Caber International Engineering and Manufacturing 610-565-3040

On contract to Boeing Wichita 11-6-2000 to 11-01-2001; projects include Catia structures design of compression fittings and small sheet metal parts for the 777-200LR thrust reverser.MGR Reference Kenny Khuong 316-526-4117

On contract to Bombardier Montreal Canada 11-1-99 to 4-20-00; projects include design of many drill and boring tools for continental-jet BD-100

On contract to D3 International working as a vendor representative (on site) at Hytek Services in Manchester England. 6-1-99 to 9-24-99; Projects includes directing offload efforts at Hytek on the Eurofighter for British Aerospace (Samlesbury) MGR Reference Mike Smith/D3 610-565-3040 ; Pete Welsh/Hytek 0161 342 1901

On contract to Stadco Los Angeles 2-16-99 to 3-19-99 Senior Catia tool designer projects include bond tool for composite underbelly skin on Northrop-Grumman JSF. MGR Reference Phil Hayes / Lorenzo Armendaris 323-227-8888
On contract to Northrop-Grumman 11-9-1998 to 1-19-99 Projects include Senior Catia tool designer for 747 skin panel AJs refurb program. MGR Reference Reid Coy 310-332-7647

On contract to Raytheon Aircraft Wichita 4-4-1995 to 6-4-1998 Projects include composite Bond tool lead designer responsible for all programs. Senior Catia tool designer/checker for premier 1 responsible for concepts and design for the 2 graphite composite bond tools that built the premier 1 fuselage. also tool design and Catia instructor for new tool designers. MGR Reference Bryan Sanger 316-676-7625

On contract to Boeing helicopters Philadelphia August 20, 1993 to December 8, 1994 Projects include Catia tool designer for v22. 43 section n/c vacuum mill fixtures, Invar bond jigs for composite graphite parts also mechanical equip designs. Catia dataset focal, tool design checker and tool fab liaison MGR Reference Pat Lanni 610-591-8703

On contract to Boeing Wichita October 21, 1991 to July 1, 1993 Projects include Catia tool designer for 777. 41 section mechanical handling fitting Project focal in charge of coordinating efforts between Renton division and Wichita division for 41 section also Offload Lead designer coordinating efforts between Wichita and D3 Tech (San Diego) for both 41section upper monocoque and 777 Nacelles. Also CATIA dataset checker. Designs include Mechanical equipment, Major AJ's and Machine tools. Boeing MGR Reference Chris Falo (316) 523-0674 D3 Technologies MGR Reference Mike Smith (619) 571-1685

On contract to Martin Marietta Baltimore July 22, 1991 to September 4, 1991
Projects include Catia tool designer for Pratt & Whitney 4168. NC holding

On contract to Learjet Wichita, February 25, 1991 to July 12, 1991
Projects include AutoCAD tool designer for Lear model 60 Major Assembly jigs
also many NC holding fixtures. I was trained and designed one tool on UGII ver 9

On contract to D3 Technologies San Diego, October 23, 1990 to January 21, 1991.
Projects include Cadam Tool designer/checker for General Dynamics A-12 and
F-16 projects. First stage, multi-mandrel aluminum co-cure tools for composite graphite parts.
Other tools include second stage bond jigs, router fixtures, assembly drill jigs, apply fixtures, vacuum holding fixtures and master gauges.

On contract to General Dynamics Fort Worth, August 31, 1989 to
June 9, 1990 Tool designer/checker for A12 project. All tools were Cadam
models being cad cam data sets in aircraft orientation most requiring
flange angle spline data to NC cut match metal tools, heavy emphases on aluminum tools for graphite and composite parts, Multistage composite bond tools, drill jigs, and holding fixtures.

Direct at Beech Aircraft, April 17, 1978 to August 18, 1989
Projects include Starship, Beechjet, 1900D- and C-17. HAST and AQM missiles.
Work includes tool designer/checker/project leader responsible for
interfacing with the shop, tools include: composite graphite tools for graphite parts
and other multistage composite bond and assembly bond tools, Major assembly
jigs, drill fixtures, material handling tools, master gauges, master form
tools, holding fixtures for milling and routing, lay up and drill templates.
Some die work.