Be Kareful Kount

It's Tuesday May 16, 2000 1:56 PM Dorval Mall … Dorval Quebec, Canada

My time in Quebec has come to an end. My last day at work was the 20 of April and I have been exploring Quebec over the last few weeks. So you will get a barrage of pictures soon.

I wanted a souvenir from Quebec. Consequentially I purchased a T-shirt the other day which has in large French Letters "La Vie Est Simple … Manger - Dormir - Parler Francais which means Life is Simple … Eat-Sleep-Speak French (This shirt has power that I never anticipated)

I was shopping in the Dorval mall the other day. While standing in line I noticed the man in front of me had a ball cap on his head which had the letters USSN CHINOOK. Typical Hat of the American Navy … my father has one from his ship in WWII.
I asked the man if he was in the American Navy and he said, "No my son is." (They somehow have a dual citizenship) The Man points down at my T-shirt and says, "What's up with you, are you getting prepared for Jean-Baptiste day?" I said, "What's that? He said, "It's a French holiday here that the English don't particularly find appealing … you know this T-shirt you are wearing is quite provocative here on the West Island. It is like being in the states and walking into a Black Nightclub wearing a T-shirt boasting a large conferderate flag. I was floored.

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