New Years 2000 with the Kount

Its 00:00 AM January 1, 2000 Alice Robertson Elementary School, Tulsa Oklahoma USA

I have come back to the point where I first remember contemplating the new millennium … It was on this playground when I was 6 years old that I remember wondering if I would be alive when the year 2000 rolled around. And I had no idea that I would come back alone to this playground to experience the first few minutes and celebrate not only my life but the planet's life as well.
I think we have at least 2 birthdays every year: 1.) Our bellybutton birthday 2.) The birthday of humanity.(new years). Strange we would base these yearly numbers on a combination of the position of the stars and by the amount of our fingers or toes.
It is a time for clarity, for me to reflect and to express gratitude for life. The whole world must be celebrating and wishing the best for humanity. I think about a couple of my best friends who didn't make it (Art Wolff and Ed Derrick) and a few other friends as well. And even Willie C. The school bully who tortured me and others in Junior High School … I heard quite a few years back he took his own life … very sad I would much rather he be here.
As I sit and look at the playground I notice the changes of 38 years as well as the few things that haven't changed. … It is a crisp clear night. … As I look out away from the center of our milky home, I can see all the beautiful bright winter stars in the Orion galactic arm. My breath is visible and I feel grateful it is such a calm night it must be 36 degrees F. (+2 C) with no wind. I notice the "jungle gym" and the baseball backstop, which appears to be the originals that I played with. The backstop has a sign hanging on its backside. It says, "Robertson Raiders, city champions of 1983 and runner-ups in 1984" … That team has been around since 1962. I was playing for the rival team, the Robertson Braves. I'll post pictures on the site. Excuse me while I indulge.
There is much racket in the air of this poor white redneck neighborhood. I am reminded of where I am by all the gunfire. I even hear one machine gun. But now as the firecrackers and gunshots subside I hear mostly freight trucks rambling down the interstate. In this quiet I am startled to hear one young voice in the distance yell, "Happy New Year!" as he peeks out his front door and cheerfully bounces his voice through the dark neighborhood. Its obvious he thinks no one will notice his offering but he wishes the world's ears were open. Mine are open and I hope his young spirit will act as a trim tab and guide his generation into heart felt awareness of the world's needs.

Well a toast to my family and friends who I am fortunate enough to share this blip of time in the spectrum of eternity.

The Kount

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