The Kount asks, "What's the difference between poutine and putin?"

How do you like your fried potatoes? When I was in Manchester they would sometimes eat their chips with just vinegar or between 2 pieces of bread. They called it a chip Butty or chip Muffin. They also liked their chips with a load of smashed green peas spread allover the top. This was called chips and mushy-peas.

In Kansas we like chilly cheese fries, which is French fries topped with hot chili and grated cheddar cheese.

The French Canadians have their own concoction called poutine (pronounced poo-`teen) It is a load of fries (or frites en francias) topped with a thin brown gravy and chunks of white cheddar cheese curds. Also there is another version of this called poutine italienne which is fries toped with cheddar cheese curds and spaghetti sauce.

Everyone seems to eat fries with ketchup … Which do you like best?


Oh by the way putin (pronounced poo-`tane) is a prostitute

The Kount

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