The Kount at Mont Tremblant (Shaky Mountain)

I went to Mont Tremblant last week. It is a Famous ski resort here about an hour Northwest of Montreal … when I got there it started raining but just as I was getting depressed the Saint Dippereli brothers managed to clear the skies and I shot this picture of the Mount itself. There is a little snow left but not enough to ski. The warm moist air mixed with the snow created fogs (or clouds) rolling across the tops of the peaks … you can almost see it on the upper left-hand side of the picture.

You can see the second rainbow if you look hard enough

The Kount

Here is a picture of a waterfall west of Lac Mont Tremblant ... loads of fog comming off the cold water hitting the warm moist air

Here is the River Diable which feeds Lac Mont Tremblant


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