The Kount at the Jello Bar

It's 3:49 AM, Monday, November 29, 1999 Second Cup coffee shop Sainte-Catherine and Peel / Montreal Quebec, Canada

The roughest time in a new assignment (contract) is the first 3 months … This has been no exception it's difficult to make new friends and find ones way around a new city. Not to mention, working under the new customer's microscope. But by picking a comfortable point to start looking, (for me a small bookstore) and by asking a few questions, one finds oneself on a path to similar souls.
Tonight I went searching to resolve a couple of leads I received at the bookstore. The first was the Yellow Door (a place for poetry readings) and the second the Jello Bar (a groovy nightclub). Unfortunately the Yellow Door is only open during the times I work … but the Jello Bar is right on my schedule.
I walked into the bar and was hit with a combination of classic sixties décor and a live band pushing the envelope of improvisational house-dance music. The place was full of definitive early sixties' shapes … You know … the ones that look like an artist palate and giant suspended olives with a colored light instead of a pimento. (Cool vibe done well not cheesy) There were a dozen lava lamps, mounted on a wall, visually composed like a sawtooth wave. Light projectors were spilling psychedelic goo on the walls and nice furniture that you would find in a hip coffee shop. The place was very warm with friendly staff and I made some new friends.
The picture I sent is of, "Sequoia", the cool band that was playing …

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