The Kount encounters Maaki (Beautiful Eskimo)

It's 5:40 A.M. My Apartment Dorval Quebec, Canada

One of the pleasant surprises I have experienced here is meeting some of the Inuit people. I had no idea that the Inuit people came down from the North as often as they do. I really guess I didn't think about it much. After talking to them, they remind me some of the Native Americans in Oklahoma except they have retained their language. I am embarrassed to say when I first saw them I thought they were Chinese. Oops not thinking again.
They are a proud but a separate part of this society. Unfortunately I don't know much about the history of these people and their relationship to the French and English. They have their own language and they all speak it but they seem to know English better than French. One young lady told me that they don't like being called Eskimo. She said the word Eskimo comes from the white man and it means meat eater. They tell me that igloos are still the rave up north and one lady told me of encounters with polar bears. Yikes!

Stay warm,

The Kount

A new note: (11-02-2000) The word Eskimo comes from other indian tribes. In Algonquian it was Esquimau ... and in Cree Askimowew



The picture is of Maaki, a Beautiful Inuit Lady …

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