The Kount experiences Culture shock!

Culture shock is that experience for which you are not prepared. When I went from Kansas to New York City I experienced a hell of a shock …but I expected a shock. England was a shock as well but I expected it. I think there is something disarming about Canada … Like it seems to really be part of the states. I didn't expect it to be much different.
When I was coming into Quebec from Ontario I was very surprised to find the road signs were all French. … Yeah I knew the place was French but I didn't realize that it was THAT French or maybe I underestimated my reaction to there not being any English on the signs. (Probably a little of both) Anyway the feeling was disorienting and exciting at the same time. I then realized that I was going to get to learn some French. But I need to learn fast. These signs could be saying anything … like … The forgotten minefield … or road closed due to giant hole.

The center road sign says, "on this road wear a coat even if you have to lease one"

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