The Kount says il fait tres froid or fe frette ta wohr (A colder Kount)

It's 12:59 A M -Monday January 24, 2000 - Destination Bistro Dorval, Quebec - Canada

I have pushed the boundaries of my definition of cold. Before coming here I remember a Kansas night in 1981 or 1982 that went down to -8 F … but that was one night. And I don't remember anything that came close to that temperature since that day. Although I have experienced -60 F wind chills a couple of times in the past it never seemed as real as that -8.
In the past couple of weeks it has got down to -15 F. or -26 C. wind chills of -40 F. or -40 C. numerous times … it got so cold the inside of my nose felt like it was crystallizing from the inside out. The sting on my face and hands made me wonder, just how cold would it feel to get kicked out of a orbiting space craft … ouch! … I am starting to understand why they like the snow here. The snow is an omen of warm weather (that is a relative term of course). Where I am from snow is an omen of cold weather … I for one am already tired of the snow and salty muck … here in Montreal they throw tons and I mean tons of salt at the snow. It ruins your shoes, the carpet, and it attacks every part of your car. I am so happy my car is not new but it still bothers me. And as far as vanity goes … just forget about it … no one here can be concerned. Your clothes are covered in heavy coats, scarves and funky boots. There is no vanity attached to your car. The bloody thing is covered with salt and you can't wash it for fear of freezing the locks and the doors shut. It has never been this dirty. So you wait for a time when it is snowing to wash your car. (Warm day) … Yuck

The picture I sent is shows how salty (no mud) ones car can get. I thought about having a bikini clad girl in front of it but I cant find any volunteers … go figure?

I guess it's supposed to get better in 6 weeks …
Oh boy…

The Kount


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