Ces mondes vont très bien ensemble…

It's 10:43 PM Sunday November 21, 1999 Laika Coffee Bar on Boul. St Laurent, Montreal Quebec

What I find fascinating right off the bat is this concept of Bilingual … I was always under the impression that southern Texas and California were bilingual. Not much! In reality, the only the people in Texas or California that are bilingual are Mexican. The whites as a whole are not interested in learning Spanish. On the other hand virtually everyone I meet in Montreal speaks French and English. It seems that 75% of the people I meet speak French first then English. And only one person I met spoke only French. It is a very different vibe. All the billboards and signs are in French (by Law) and I understand many of the French speaking folks here want to separate from Canada, so I am sure there is some tension somewhere around here, I just haven't found it yet. The city is old (by American standards) and at first reminds me of Philadelphia. It is definitely friendlier than Philly. Don't get me wrong, I love Philly but there is an odd tone of anger scattered about the city. Both cities are very cosmopolitan speaking of…
While driving down Rue St Urbain A few minutes ago, I merged my car into a noisy column of celebrating Arabs. There were probably six cars honking their horns, Yelling and waving Flags (Lebanese I think)…. I thought I heard one say something about peace so the only thing I can think that they may be celebrating is the expulsion of the Hamas in Jordan. They made a great display but they would get more attention from my friends if they would just hand out falafels.

Now I am hungry,

The Kount

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