The Kount at the Alfred P. Murrah Building site

It's 7:41 PM April 22, 2002 my apartment Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I went down Friday the 19th to the memorial services for the victims of the Oklahoma City Bombing of April 19, 1995. Before I got there I wasn't sure if the ordeal was going to be emotional for me or not. I remember emotionally shutting down when I saw the Vietnam War memorial in Washington. I wouldn't allow myself to feel the pain. But in Washington I was alone and it was easier to control. Here in OKC they performed a ceremony that invited emotion … plus, I have friends here who have shared their stories with me. Needless to say I found it quite emotional. And this year there were visiting Firemen from NYC and they did their best to link the terrorism pain to both cities. I felt pain for New York as well. The pictures I sent says it all.
It is a beautiful memorial and definitely worth seeing.


With Tremendous Respect,

Kaz Maslanka

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