The Kount is at the Air Force Base
Its December 8, 2001 6:38 pm Hotel Wichita

I started a new job at Tinker Air Force base in Oklahoma City a few weeks ago. As with any new assignment I am taking the time to get adjusted.
Friday was an interesting day at the base … Vice President Dick Cheney visited. They rolled out the red carpet and stepped up security. I must have seen 10 highway patrols lying in the ditches like black and white snakes I swear I could see forked tongues darting out to smell the air. There were helicopters up in the air circling like hawks in search of mice. And snipers on the roofs of buildings just like a Clint Eastwood movie.
Normally I can walk just 100 yards from the runway but yesterday I couldn't even leave the building from the side that faces the runway. When we went to lunch the VP was preparing to leave the base. It seemed the entire base was frozen until his circus-like motorcade had vanished over the horizon. One of our team members walked up to one of the security people to ask how long were we to wait. The security guy screamed, "GET BACK BEHIND THE ORANGE LINE!" We had to wait 15 minutes before we were allowed to move. Finally the motorcade started pulling out. We could see a plane that looked like Air-Force 1 over on the other side of the runway probably 1000 yards away. (Is there an Air-Force 2?) … Anyway … they started coming toward us rolling out across the runway. I am sure everyone was feeling quite 'official'. There must have been 30 cops in pairs on motorcycles. Some pairs were whizzing past other pairs as if to intimidate anyone watching or maybe they were just excited to be the center of attention. I was waiting to see cops standing on top of their handlebars waiving to the crowd or maybe juggling bowling pins … of course that did not occur. The glorious parade happened so fast I could hardly tell what was in the motorcade. There were a few military vehicles, a bunch of polices cars, a few unmarked cars, a limo that I doubt carried the VP, and a large ambulance. Lots of flashing lights and baton twirlers … well maybe I didn't see any baton twirlers. One person in our group asked, "Did they just stop in for lunch? I wonder where they are going?" Another answered, "They are on their way to the Frog Pond."

Here is a picture of The Frog Pond and its owner. They can be found only a mile down the road from the base.

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