Thesis Prayer from The transformation of Belief


O Great Spirit,
In that time that lives
in the crack of the asymptote
I see Us!
Our Ubiquitous vision
sssnaps! Before the thunderclap
The corporeal
And the incorporeal quarks
proudly possessing no separate identity -
the same of their siblings
All whizzing a dizzy square dance
in the mirror lined undergarments of the universe.
Our resplendence boomerangs in everything
Bacteriophage, Fly and Cockroach,
Quasar and Singularity.

The past timetables spell Our progress.
We happily trudge through the epics,
Incarnating Energies,
struggling with the pressure
of new puzzle pieces
that are forcing the old ones to morph.
Reconstructing Ourselves to fill in the Gaps.
Kind validation stamping a cross-stitch
with threads of growth and glory.

We strive to see Our sacred mystery, One
refulgence reflected through the entire crystal
of Our human and nonhuman family.
We ask Us to remove
barbed fences of religious prejudice, greed
and pious delineations of self-righteous nescience.
We ask Us to uncloak Our Wisdom and spread it smoothly
across Our Physical and spiritual Ontogeny.
We suck the dream's nipple to find the Tao of atonement's maze.
Detaching Our expectations in serial suicide
as we die, grow to the stages of our life
Sacrifice and Bliss
We ask in the name that cannot be named,
Our name

Kaz Maslanka