Throwing stones at Venus


I met her
Masquerading as Venus
Emotionally, a four year old in Goddess body
A Geiger counter squeals as my face gets close to hers
Swelling danger, a crack in the Hoover Dam
I can't let her possess me!
She wants! …
Silly flash, Elvis singing, "She lo~oks like an an~gel --- She ta~lks like an an~gel"

Amazing that nature would deal this beauty,
This much power to one.
Voices whispering I don't deserve such pleasure
And others cracking through I AM ALIVE!
Grip the moment; it's a Texas bull ride!
Never have I kissed
Swollen tubes so soft and slippery
Wrapped around mine, sliding around like children in a plastic swimming pool
Her tongue slowly probing as if I had switched sexes
To become her receptacle of desire
The Artist de Milo sculpted these breasts
Mounted on this Deific body
Skin so smooth and magnetic
Nipples singing the song of the sirens, begging for me
Her pride shines as she squeezes them together
licking her lips
looking into my eyes
Demanding my devotion
Knowing she has me mesmerized
She is a snake priestess
I dance in her prison of undulating ether
I am nauseous from loss of control,
Roller coaster, roller coaster
I run my hands across her curves
My heart's combustion chamber powers the cars
Straining as I reach the summit
I roll in her bed
Embraced like an Olympic wrestler
For an hour possessed by her passion

I am Odysseus tied to the mast
I don't love her
She wants me inside
I don't love her
How can I consummate the moment under such pressure?
Meretricula Exstinctor is in the corner of the room
Notre Demon
Watching in wetness
Rolling the morticians dice
The distractions anger the Goddess
I gain my senses
My mind snaps to freedom
She knows now I am loose
She scorns me like the pressured fumes of a sulfur oven
Reaching through a cracked door.
Scoffing indignant reminding me
I am just her plaything
She releases me

Kaz Maslanka
March 21, 2000