Kount down to sunrise in Kansas

It's 9:26 AM Wednesday July 19, 2000 Javaluiah coffee shop Wichita Kansas

Kansas is all about the sky. I feel Wichita is a bit on the culturally limited side, but Kansas is beautiful. I personally love the prairie, its wide-open space and huge sky. The clouds dance all around fueled by the omnipresent wind. There are beautiful sunsets everywhere but Kansas has more of them. There is just enough dust in the air to color the sunlight deep red in the morning, orange at dawn and yellow at noon. The day also provides many different colors of blue from the north. There are also times the sky is an eerie green during hailstorms and strange dull yellow during thunderstorms at sunset. Dusk is a wide palate of blues, pinks, peaches, oranges and yellows. I have heard a few people complain about driving across I-70 to Denver. They say there is nothing in Kansas….

I say just look up…

The Kount

The picture I sent is this morning's sunrise.

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